Hamburger Helper Extras

Photo by Shantanu Pal on

My last post was about how to substitute items you may already have to make Hamburger Helper-like meals. If you’re lucky enough to be stocked up on the real Hamburger Helper, all you need is some ways to jazz it up a little. Here are some flavorful ideas to change up this family favorite.

Stuff to stir-in

The following ingredients are great to stir in while the Hamburger Helper is still cooking.

Chopped onion

Chopped tomatoes

Chopped peppers


Pickle relish



Sour cream

Sliced olives

Stuff to sprinkle on top

These items are best added after the Hamburger Helper is already on the plates. It not only looks nice but gives each family member a chance to personalize their own meal.

Crushed tortilla chips

Crushed potato chips

French fried onions

Parmesan cheese

Bacon bits


Baby spinach

Shredded cheese

Lemon zest

Chopped tomato (if you prefer it fresh)

Salsa (if you prefer it cold)

Sour cream (if you prefer it cold)



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