A Little Summer Left

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Photo by Pineapple Supply Co. on Pexels.com

Another summer is flying by and now the kids are preparing to return to school, but it’s still hot and “it ain’t over ’til it’s over.”  Don’t let the last few weeks of summer slip away without making some more fun memories.  The summer entertainment budget has probably dwindled down to pocket change by now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun.  Here are some affordable ideas to spend the last days of summer having a blast with your kids!

Have a movie night at home

Okay, so you probably watch TV every night but you can make it into an event.  Talk with your kids ahead of time and plan what movie you want to watch.  Planning ahead always makes something seem more exciting.  Make a big bowl of popcorn, throw a quilt and a bunch of pillows on the floor, turn the lights down and make a night of it.  Don’t allow distractions.  Don’t answer your phone (unless it’s an emergency of course) and don’t let the kids play with their phones.  Finish the chores ahead of time, so you don’t have to worry about sorting laundry or washing dishes.  Done right, movie night will feel like you actually went to the movies…only better!

Go swimming one more time

Swimming is probably the most iconic summer activity there is.  And it’s a great opportunity to work on your tan once more, before long sleeve season sets in.  If you’re lucky enough to have a close friend or family member, who have a pool and they’ve invited you, take them up on their offer.  People like to be nice, and they wouldn’t invite you if they didn’t want you to come.  Be sure you are considerate though.  Don’t hog the pool for more than an hour or two, bring your own towels, and don’t walk through their house dripping wet.  If you’re not lucky enough to know someone with a pool, public pool admission is usually pretty low.  If the admission is a little too steep, then tell the kids the backyard is a water park and turn them loose with the garden hose.  Kids are easier to entertain than we give them credit for, they will love spraying each other with the hose and they’ll be watering the lawn while they play.

Have a water balloon or spray bottle fight

There is little kids love anymore than water balloon fights, especially if Mom and Dad get in on the action.  After all, when else do they get to throw stuff at their parents?  Fill up a lot (I mean a lot) of water balloons and pile them in buckets.  It won’t be nearly as fun if you have to stop every couple of minutes to fill up more balloons.  If you don’t have any water balloons on hand, fill up household spray bottles with water and spray each other with those.  The same concept as water pistols without the gun association.  Besides water bottles usually spray better and hold way more water!

Play board games

Board games are kind of a lost past-time but still fun.  Introduce your kids to some of your favorite childhood board games, but don’t tell them they are from your childhood.  It’ll be more exciting if they think all of you are learning a new game together.

Get back to school haircuts

Getting the kids’ hair cut is probably something you would need to do, shortly before the school year starts anyway.  Put off getting your own hair cut until then and make a family outing of it.  High-end salons are not necessary, there are a lot of family haircut places, and they’re not usually that expensive.  The trick to a getting a good cut is to go when the salon is not super busy.  Let the stylists know that you are not in a big hurry, and they don’t need to rush.  Afterwards, be sure to take group pictures of everyone’s new look, and share on social media.  Note: If boys don’t want to go with Mom, or girls don’t want Dad to tag along, that’s okay.  It can be boys day with Dad and girls day with Mom.

Have a mother/daughter spa day

If you have girls, spend an afternoon having a spa day at home.  You can use whatever beauty supplies you already have.  Wear your favorite robes and slippers.  Take turns giving each other manicures and pedicures, all you need is lotion and nail polish.  Give yourselves facials with clay face masks.  If you don’t have any face mask, you can purchase a little packet of mask, at the grocery store, for about $1.50.  For smaller girls, get her hair wet and roll it on sponge curlers.  For older girls, you can curl or straighten her hair with heat-setting tools.  Most little girls won’t let you get through spa day without playing with your makeup.  You don’t have to let her ruin everything in your makeup bag, just give her a lip gloss and a colorful eye shadow.  That should be plenty to make her feel gorgeous.

Keep the summer feeling going into the school year

Just because the kids go back to school doesn’t have to mean that summer is over.  You still have weekends and evenings to do fun stuff.  Knowing they can play outside or have a movie night is actually a great incentive to get their homework and chores done in a timely manner.  Plus, school won’t feel like such a drudge if the summer fun continues for a while.

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