The Mighty Tote Bag

Photo by Adrienne Andersen on

Especially this time of year, as the kids go back to school, organization and convenience become essential.  To aid in the quest for organization, bags really are the ultimate accessory. 

The kids probably already have backpacks for school, but just one bag per kid is not enough, especially if they have after school and weekend activities.  Having separate bags for dance class, soccer practice, sleepovers, etc. keeps from having to swap stuff out their school backpack all the time, and keeping the right items in the right bags makes losing stuff (like homework) less likely to happen.  The multiple bag system is great for moms too.  Having a separate tote for work, classes, shopping, library, gym, and so on makes life so much easier. 

Don’t worry, there is no need to spend a fortune on fancy bags.  Look for promo deals, tote bags are often offered as a free gift with order.  You can also watch for clearance sales, this time of the year, you can find beach themed bags on clearance.  I personally see no reason not to drag around a palm tree tote in the fall, but if you like to stay in fashion with the seasons, look for solid colors you can decorate.  A lime green summer bag is instantly turned into a fall one with multicolored leaves glued all over it.  You can also stock up on reusable grocery bags for around $1.50 each.  They’re sturdier than they look, and come in all kinds of cute patterns.

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