Prettiest Heat Tolerant Flower

It has been over 100 degrees everyday for months, and the Vinca is still lush and blooming. This is why Vinca gets my vote for prettiest heat-tolerant flower.

Vinca is an annual that is easily planted from seed or potted plant, it is inexpensive, and requires very little care. It does well planted in containers or the ground, but I especially love it in porch containers. It does need regular watering but can handle drying out in between waterings. Best of all, it continues to bloom all summer long, even in the fiercest heat.

The most commonly seen color is the gorgeous dark pink, as pictured, but these tough beauties are also available in light pink, lavender, and white. The blooms resemble Impatiens but the leaves are a different shape. Don’t confuse the two, while Impatiens are beautiful, they don’t hold a candle to Vinca for heat tolerance.

Most annuals at the garden center have faded, and been discarded, just like the ones at home. Vinca is likely the last summer flower to be found at the garden center, before the chrysanthemums take over. So if you’re looking to rejuvenate your garden, this is a great choice.

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